Editing Credit Resumé


Run Productions

Clarks Shoes 30 x 5min Online Commercial

Premier Pro Offline and Online: Modern, colourful and interesting shorts about Londoners fashion and choice in shoes.

Director: Kate parker and Jason de Vyea

Elle and Adidas #mygirls Campaign 1 x 30 sec Commercial

Premier Pro Offline and online: Lively and modern piece with speed variations to emphasis the girls moves

Director: Will Whipples

P&G London 2012 Olympic 40 x 60 – 120 sec Online Commercial

Team Leader FCP Offline/Online: Live Streaming Online of Spotting Competitions. Including Athletes brand awareness online stings/commercials. Style Entertaining and sporty yet emotive.

Production Director: Peter Rossiter

Adidas Global Campaign 3 x 120 sec Commercials

4 x 30 sec Commercials

FCP Offline: Fast pace, lively and entertaining commercials featuring entertainment and sporting grates from around the globe.

Post Producer: Jason de Vyea


Stephen Jones Film: 1x 90 min Documentary

FCP Offline: 2016 release date tbc

Director/Producer: Gillian Mosley and Stephen Jones 

Tattoo Twist & Body Mods: 10x 5 min Documentaries

FCP Offline: Spring 2015 C4 release date

Director/Producer: Gillian Mosley and Andrew Gillman & Julian Scott

My Secret Tattoo: 6x 5 min Documentaries

FCP Offline: Spring 2015 C4 release date

Director/Producer: Gillian Mosley and Andrew Gillman & Julian Scott 

Touch Production

Global Ageing crisis: 1x 20 min Documentary

FCP Offline: A documentary highlighting the issues with an ageing population and falling birth rates globally

January 2013 Producer and Executive Producer: Malcolm Brinkworth

Star Hunter: 1x 20 min Documentary/Short Film

FCP Online and Grade: A compelling true life story about one man’s dream to be famous. To be entered into london film festival 2013

Producer: Undine Buka Director: Audinga Kucinskaite

Is This Free: 1x 8 min Short Film

FCP Online and Grade: Accepted entry for the 2012 Norwegian Film Festival and Slovakian Film Festival

Producer/Director Lauris Beinerts

The Jungle Group: Giant

Movember 1x 20 sec Online Charity Commercial

FCP Offline and Autodesk Smoke Grade and Graphics

Nickelodeon: BigTime Rush 1 x 5 min Behind The Scenes

FCP Offline

MTV: Teen Dad 3x 30 sec Promo

FCP Offline 3x 20 sec Promo

MTV: Summer Sizzle 3x 30 Sec Promo

FCP Offline

Richard Lawrence: Managing Director of Giant Post Production, Graham Ebb Jungle Group Director

The Jungle Group: Bearkatt Productions

Engineering Enigmas: 1x 9 min Pilot

Online; Autodesk Smoke Grade and Graphics

Bearkatt Magic: 1x 8 min Pilot

Online; Autodesk Smoke Grade

Kitchen Raiders: 1x 10 sec Pilot titles/opener

Titles; Autodesk Smoke Graphics

Graham Ebb: Managing Director, Denise Castelli: Head of development for Bearkatt Productions.

Is The Tooth Fairy Real: 1x 8 min Short Film

FCP Offline and FCP Online: Accepted entry for the 2011 Slovakian Film Festival

Director/Producer Lauris Beinerts

Malt Films

IrnBru Corporate 3 x 60 sec Commercials

FCP Offline and Online: A fun and lighthearted global campaign to increase consumption of the Scottish soft drink.

Post Producer: Louise Laight

JJ Stereo Ltd

Music Commercials 3 x 30 Sec Commercials

UK terrestrial Broadcast 

FCP and Avid Offline Editor and Broadcast safe Tech checker: Fun and lively stings that incorporate an artist catalogue of work to entice the public to purchase their album.

Executive Producer: John Paveley Producer: Dani O’Keefe Director: John Paveley.

Fist Folio Pictures (UK/USA)/Centropolis Entertainment (USA)/Sony Picture (USA)

Last will and Testament /Anonymous 124 min Documentary/Feature Film

Theatrical/Televisual/DVD world wide release 05/2012

Editor 1st Assistant FCP-Shot selects and time line construction: A controversial investigation into the life and times of William Shakespeare and the questions regarding authorship of his plays.

Executive Producer: Roland Emmerich and Aaron Boyd and Patrick Prentice Producer: Lisa Wilson Director: Aaron Boyd and Laura Matthias Wilson.

Gitte Photo (UK/USA)

Life and Times of Stephen Jones 37 min Documentary Film and adapted into 6 mins videos

Antwerp Screening/London Screening 06/2011 and world wide 07/2012

FCP Offline: Fashion Milliner extraordinaire opens his life up to the cameras. A Fast pace insight into the life of stephen jones using both archive and modern footage blended together to form a delightful and engaging over view of an incredible mans achievements.

Executive Producer: Ana Pincus Producer: Gitte Meldgaard Director: Gitte Meldgaard

Casual Films

NBC Film Trailers 3 x 25sec

On-demand TV

FCP Offline and Online

Macmillan Online 3 x 3 min corporate commercials


FCP Offline and Online

Cleveland Clinic 1 x 3 min Commercial


FCP Offline and Online

Phaidon Chico & Rita 3 x 4 min EPK


FCP Offline and Online

Phaidon Noma Food 5 x 2 min commercial

Viral/Screening 1 x 7 min commercial

FCP Offline and Online

Barclay Enrolment Video 3 x 2 min corporate commercial


FCP Offline and Online

Executive Producer: Barnaby Cook Producer: Claudia Vogelgsang and Adam Rickets Director: Nick Francis


Teenage Mums 6 x 5 min Taster Documentary/Reality

FCP Offline and Pre Online: A positive and warming set of short films that follow a small group of young mum who dispel the myths set by the media in Britain. Slow and fast pace edits held together by a common thread.

Executive Producer: Walter Iuzzolino Producer: Walter Iuzzolino Director: Tim Burch

Beauty & The Beast10 min Taster Documentary/Reality

Avid offline and pre online: A gripping high impact pilot, that confronts body dysmorphia head on.

Executive Producer: Walter Iuzzolino Producer: Sarah Freethy Director: Jeremy Lee

London Studios

ITV Sport and Sky Sport 2006-2011

ITV Major Sporting events: Avid and FCP Editor for all Sporting events recorded through London Studios Southbank.

FCP Pre Offline & Stitch of Insert & Insert GFX:  Sports and Entertainment 120mins to 300mins Live Action Record

ITV Creative Promotions and Shorts 2006-2010

The X Factor Series 4, 5 & 6 30 x 60/30/20 sec Entertainment Series    

FCP Pre Grade & Insert GFX

Dancing On Ice Series 3 & 4 14 x 60/30/20 sec Entertainment Series  

FCP Pre Offline & Stitch of Insert:

Piers Morgan Life Stories:

Vinnie Jones 1 x 60/30/20 sec Entertainment, Talk Show

FCP Online and Pre Grade

Gossip Girl Series 2 4 x 60/30/20 sec Romance, Drama Comedy

FCP Grade

Collision 1 x 60/30/20 sec Drama

FCP Offline Stitch of GFX Inserts

King Kong (2005) 1 x 60/30/20 sec Adventure, Romance Feature Film

FCP Online & Grade

ITVCreative Creative Director: Chaka Sobhani, Post Producer: Malcolm Meredith.

Behind The Scenes: 

Pop Star To Opera Star 1 x 5 min Short Documentary

Offline & Pre Grade: A documentary stile behind the scenes of Pop Stars To Opera Star Promo shoot

Creative Producer: Serena Armitage

Behind The Scenes: The Bill1 x 5 min Short Documentary

Grade: A documentary stile behind the scenes of The Bill Promo shoot

Creative Producer: James Sitki

ITV Movie compilation Promotions

Christmas on ITV3 1 x 60/30/20 sec

Online & Grade

ITV4 John Carpenter Season 1 x 60/30/20 sec

Grade & Online

ITV4 Screen Legends Season 1 x 60/30/20 sec

Grade & Online


Adobe CS6,  Final Cut Studio 1-3, Final Cut Pro, Color, Motion, Boris, After Affects, Marquee, Clarity,

Avid Media Composer 3-5, Adrenaline, Express Pro, Symphony & Symphony Nitris, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, Picture Ready, Toast & Avid DVD. Autodesk smoke 2011-2012, Microsoft Office, Booking Systems-Angelfish/booking.com/opentable/expedia.

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