As a Marketing professional I thoroughly enjoy creating high quality marketing content that really delivers. I am well connected within the Media and Press Relations industries. I have a good grasp of the english language which enables me to create engaging marketing copy for companies. I am a skilled Photographer, Videographer and Creative Writer. I am very proficient with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Studios, Avid, FCP, WordPress software on PCs and Apple MACs computers. I have a great knowledge of Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Google+. I successfully use paid social advertising to enhance my clients visibility, and use email marketing platforms like MizMoz, Constant Contact and Mail Chip effectively to deliver returns. I have a very good understanding of CRM, SEO, Adwords – PPC, ROI, CPC and Google Analytics, which I use to increase my clients annual turn over and global reach.


Wimbledon Debenture Holders
Marketing and Communications Manager: May 2018 – December 2019

Wimbledon Debenture Holders, was set up in 2006 to create a safe market place for Debenture Holders to sell their Wimbledon Debenture tickets through. During my time here, I was a contributing factor to a huge increase in global interest in the company which I am very proud of. I secured articles in many of the main stream media and news publications. And was responsible for creating content that successfully saw a continual rise in Social Media followings and interactions across all the platforms. I created all the content for the digital and prints brochures for 2018 and 2019. I developed great links with 2 Adword agencies that look after the PPC and paid Social. I was responsible for growing relationships with exclusive hotel chains and lifestyle agencies that offer hospitality packages which include Debenture tickets. I helped secure corporate clients that use WDH’s services to enable them to entertain their clients at Wimbledon. I was accountable for updating the website and the blogs pages, and continually checking the SEO to ensure we reached the widest audience. I designed and created the content for the companies email newsletters and email blast as well as all the press releases. I am motivated by my work for WDH and all the achievements we made together. 

Lockonego London
Marketing and Communications Manager: May 2016 – April 2018.

Lockonego; a well established boutique salon operating for more than 12 years is now one of Redkens flag ship salons in London. I helped Lockonego see a continual 6% rise in monthly turn over, a healthy rise in social media following, and a 38% increase in new clients that are rebooking. I also acquire media coverage in, Stella, Harpers Bizarre, Elle, Grazia, Marie Claire, GQ, Good house keeping, Evening Standard, Creative Head and more. I was an important in developing relationships with well established brands and encouraged ambassadorial roles with P&G Nice ’n’ Easy and Redken L’Oreal. I successfully designed and managed two seasonal marketing campaigns for Lockonego, which helped expand the companies reach and raised client sales.

The Black Whole Ltd
Head of Marketing: May 2013 – May 2016 (Freelance)

The Black Whole Limited, which consists of The Black Boy Pub, The Black Rat Restaurant (Michelin Star), The Black Bottle Wine Bar and The Black Hole B&B. I was able to increased their net profits by 22% and secured articles in The Guardian, GQ Conde Nast, Stylist, The Times, The Telegraph, Hampshire Life, Michelin Guide Magazine, and Guest Guide. Landed Prime Television coverage on BBC 2 and Channel 4 as well as introducing them to Influencers and Bloggers that have 40K to 100K following.

Event Shed Ltd: Audi UK Goodwood Festival of Speed Audi UK 100 year Anniversary
Event Liaison: April 2009 – July 2009 (Freelance)

Freelance Visual Film and TV Editor Offline and Online
September 2005 – September 2012


Solent University — 2:1 BA Media and Culture, 2001-2005

Marketing Skills

  • Content Creation, visual and written
  • Press and media relations
  • Website maintenance, updates and Copy Writing
  • AdWords: PPC, CPC, ROI, CRT, Digital Advertising
  • SEO, Google Analytics and Schema Mark-up
  • Social media content, Social media advertising
  • Budget Analysis
  • Trend Predictions
  • E-Mail newsletters and e-blasts/external and internal
  • Brochure creation
  • B2B and B2C negotiations with account management
  • CRM, Reviewing and analysing marketing strategies
  • Place Backlinks in relevant digital blogs/press/websites
  • Assessing KPI’s to improve interest across the business
  • Creative writing/photographer/videographer/designer
  • Branding
  • Spending time with Clients/Client satisfaction research
  • Problem solving

Further Detail Of My Marketing Experience

I’m an all rounder with experience using a multitude of platforms and resources to help accomplish a B2B and B2c marketing campaign effectively: 

Offline: For WDH offline marketing was aimed at attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. For new customers we focused on press articles predominately and backlinks/mentions in newspapers, magazines and sports review blogs that HNWI would be reading. We also pushed attaching our brand with tennis players who would promote our services for a small sponsorship fee. We successfully incorporated our services to be used in hospitality packages for hotels and lifestyle agencies. 

We also designed brochures, leaflets and info packs to go in the wallets with the official tickets. To help retain our customers we would call to check everything had been received and if they enjoyed the service. If the customer preferred letters instead of emails we would send all our communication to them via direct mail. Our customer service was a high standard and we made great efforts to keep it that way.

Online: For WDH online marketing was used to help advance sales as well as help us retain a good understanding of our audience/clients through analytics, funnelling and with our CRM. Because Adwords is such a specialised area we would use agencies for this and they managed the day to day running of the ads, we would have monthly updates and quartile meetings to adjust keywords and spend. Social Media was internally managed and we used our platforms to engage with potential customers first hand via paid ads as well as organically, both of which worked especially well on Facebook and Twitter. 

To retain current/existing customers we would regularly (but not too much) send updates of prices/availability and blog updates to our email database of 18K. We designed and managed this internally, the emails had to be engaging, well written and focused, we and had a 68% average open rate, of that a 42% average enquiry rate leading to an average of 11% completing a purchase. 

A large part of online marketing for WDH was based around SEO and website content management. For this we would regularly check google console and analytics for any anomalies and fix this straight away, we also used schema to help keep us on the first page and encouraged reviews. The blog page was regularly updated with new and engaging content that was SEO traffic-lighted to help the keep us on track.

With all these elements incorporated in our campaigns we were able to see a 6% increase in new customer purchases and maintain a 60% customer retention rate. I am pleased with my efforts and feel proud to have been apart WDH journey.